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The Money Saving Card is a brandable discount card which provides access to the largest network of high street discounts in the UK including major high street brands and local retailers. The card provides savings at 5009 locations nationwide and there are over 750,000 card holders. Our role is to manange the retailer relationships and grow the discount scheme. We partner with other companies to make these discounts available to their customers.

Could your Customers Benefit from Nationwide Discounts at 5009 Locations?

Example Cards

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The Daily Mirror have produced a Money Saving Card for use on their white label cashback website. This is a branded card, which works to improve return visitor rates to their website. We takes the orders, retain the stock and post the cards on behalf of the Mirror.

Could a branded card increase your customer retention?

The Money Saving Card is used as a money saving perk which employers who give to their staff. We have therefore partnered with the employee benefit scheme providers. These companies then sell the card to their customers, under license.

Could you resell the cards?

Tens of thousands of cards have been sold to NHS Staff via the site These card sales not only generate revenue, they also attract new vistors to the site and NHS Staff spread the word about the card.

Could a branded card drive traffic to your website?

The Loan Options Card is made available as an incentive to customers who apply for a loan. It’s an incentive, gift and brand awareness tool. A way of giving something extra back to customers.

Could your company use the card as an incentive?

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  • Generate New revenue
  • Generate Brand Awareness
  • Improve your website’s return visitor rates
  • Put a permanent advert in your customers' wallet


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- Branded Card Option
- Licensing Option

Branded Card Option - Most Popular

Your company can have its own discount card, entirely designed to your specifications. Including the Money Saving logo on the card ensures that retailers recognise its authenticity. Because the cards are printed specifically for you, they can direct the card holder to your website where you can display our discounts list.

  • Suitable for partners who wish to increase brand awareness and customer retention.

Licensing Option

A licensing option allows you to print your own Money Saving Cards. License agreements can be individually negociated and prices depend on commitment to card numbers. The discounts can be integrated into your own website

  • Suitable for resellers
  • Suitable for companies who are looking to print a large number of cards (generally 20,000 impressions or above)
  • Suitable for companies who wish to add the Money Saving Card discounts to a pre-existing card

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How do card holders access the offers?
How do we integrate the offers into our own website?
What Customer Service is Provided?

How do card holders access the offers?

The card works very simply. All the merchants on the scheme have agreed to honour the discount shown on our discounts list whenever they are presented with a card containing the Money Saving Card Logo. Therefore, card holders present the card when they make a purchase.

These cards don’t need any special chips or technology. Merchants do not have to install equipment in order to accept the cards and because the cards are simple, the number of times each card has been used cannot be tracked.  The advantage of producing the cards in this way is that it reduces the cost of implementing the scheme and creating the cards. Cards can therefore be provided to you at a lower unit cost. 

How do we integrate the offers into our own website?

Depending on your particular situation, you can integrate the discounts into your website via an iFrame. This is a quick, simple and effective option.

If you are placing a larger order, you may wish to build your own discounts display. In this case we can give you a connection string to allow you remote access to our database or provide an xml feed of the discounts.

Customer Service

Whenever card holders have a problem with their Money Saving Cards, we are there to help. Although all merchants have agreed to offer a discount when they are presented with a Money Saving Card, occasionally a card holder may experience a problem. When this does happen we immediately contact the merchant and look in to the issue.

Often the merchant has made an error. However, if this is not the case, the merchant will immediately be removed from the scheme.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.


The Money Saving Card Has a Low Unit Price, But a High Perceived Value!